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Gas-cutting machine Smena-2M

Portable gas-cutting machine Smena-2M is designed for oxygen cutting of steel sheets and plates. This economical and easy to operate cutting machine is best suited for straight line, circular and bevel cutting.

Depending on fuel gas used the machine design could be of two versions differing in cutter type: for use of acetylene and for use of gases substituting acetylene.

The main parameters of the portable gas-cutting machine correspond to standard size K-2H in compliance with All-Union state standard (GOST) 5614-17

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gas-cutting machine
Portable gas-cutting machine Smena-2M makes it possible to carry out the following production operations:
  • straight-line separation cutting with one two cutters;

  • straight-line bevel cutting;

  • curve cutting to marking-out in manual transverse movement of the cutter;

  • cutting-out of circular parts with one or two cutters;

  • scarfing of end faces of plates by means of a special fixture;

  • bevel cutting by directing the mashine along the plate edge by means of a guide roller.

Construction and principle of operation

Portable gas-cutting machine Smena-2M consists of a travel carriage, a power unit, connecting cables and hoses.

The cast aluminum body of the travel carriage mounts the following units:

  • Motor drive with drive wheels;
  • Castors to be fixed by screw clamps when employing the machine for guided cutting operations;
  • Control panel with a speed governor, a toggle switch, a signal lamp and a connector meant for connection to the power unit;
  • Bar carrying two supports with cutters and hand wheel meant for displacement of bar;
  • Gas distributing manifold;
  • Clamp used to secure circular cutting fixtures;
  • Two handles used for carrying the machine.

On the sides of the machine body there are shields intended for protecting the machine from the flame of the cutters and metal splashes.

The inlet unions of the manifold are provided with non-return valves intended for protecting the gas lines from blowbacks.

Technical Description
Decription of parameters Values
Number of operating cutters 1 or 2
Thickness of metal to be cut, mm 5-300
Speed of cutter travel, m/min 0,05-1,6
Maximum length of straight-line cut (in the case of use of set of guide sections), mm) 6,300
Windth of band to be cut in employing two cutters, mm
   (a) maximum width:
      - without extension piece of bar
      - wit extension piece of bar
   (b) minimum width:
      - with cutters set on one side of bar
      - with cutters set on either side of bar


Radius of circular cutting, mm 150-1500
Maximum angle of bevel, deg.:
   - with vertical
   - with horizontal (in scarfing)

Supply voltage of travel carriage of mashine, V 24
Voltage to be fed to power unit of mashine, V 220
Frequency of supply line, Hz 50
Power consumption, W max 50
Working pressure of gases in inlet unions of machine, MPa (kgf/cm2):
   - pressure of oxygen, max
   - pressure of acetylene, min

1.0 (10.0)
0.01 (0.1)
Flow rate of gases in one cutter, 1/min, max.:
   - flow rate of oxygen
   - flow rate of acetylene

Overall dimensions of travel carriage of machine, mm
   - lenght
   - width (without bar)
   - height (without cutters)

Lenght of guide section, mm 2200
Mass, kg, max.:
   (a) travel carriage of machine (without counter-weight, hoses, cables):
      - with one cutter
      - with two cutters
   (b) power unit of machine (without cables)
   (c) guide sections
   (d) complete set of machine

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