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Laser cutting machine Kaskad

The machine "KASKAD" is intended for laser cutting of metal materials up to 10 mm and non-metallic materials up to 300 mm. The absence of a mechanical contact allows to execute laser cutting of the broad nomenclature of materials of any hardness, from hard alloys, carbon and stainless steels, up to veneer, tree, composite materials, plastics, tissues and skins.

The ecological cleanness is stipulated by small quantity of a material, evaporated during laser cutting. Structurally machine "KASKAD" consists of two basic elements: the aggregate coordinate programmed (AKII) and CO2-laser CLL-2500 (Control Laser Limited, UK).

Among other ways of cutting the laser cutting is selected with very small width of a machine cut, and also low-level roughness of an edge of a machine cut Rz 40, eliminating in most cases necessity of after treatment.

Usage of an effective system of positioning of a cutting torch enables to cut parts of any form(shape) with a split-hair accuracy ± 0,25 mm, and also to execute their optimum arrangements on sheet - bar, that results in considerable economies of a material.

ÀÏÊ includes:
  • Railway;

  • The working platform;

  • The drive of a longitudinal course of the platform;

  • Fixed gantry;

  • Side of a cutting torch.
Width of worked materials
Steel sheets 1-6 mm
Carbon steel Up to 12 mm
Stainless steel Up to 8 mm
Sheets from titanium alloys 1-6 mm
Tree Up to 40 mm
Organic glass Up to 30 mm
Tissue, skin in packets Up to 20 mm
Ceramics Up to 20mm
Technical Description
Decription of parameters Values
Absolute consistency of the machine according to a GOST 5614-74 first
Overall dimensions of processed treated sheets: 2500 x 6000 mm
Speed of moving of the focussed laser bundle contoured:
   Minimum working
   Maximum working

0,2 m / min
10 m /min
15 m/min
Fidelity of reproduction of a contour of a machine cut ± 0,25 mm
Radiated power of the Rubbish - laser 2 kVt
Peak discharge of gases, m3/hour:
   Compressed air

0,00 m3/ch
0,21 m3/ch
0,102 m3/ch
5 m3/ch
5 m3/ch
Consumption of cooling water 5,4 m3/ch
Consumed power 45 kWt
Main voltage 3x380 B
Control system PowerPanel 4PP220
Overall dimensions of the machine:

9000 mm
2500 mm
1275 mm


  • Control Systems “PowerPanel 4PP220” (Bernecker & Rainer GmbH, Austria)
  • Servo Drives “ACOPOS 1022” 3 x 400-480 V 2.2A 1 kW, line filter, braking resistor and electronic secure restart inhibit integrated (Bernecker & Rainer GmbH, Austria)
  • Synchronous Motor 8MSA3M.RO-30 (Bernecker & Rainer GmbH, Austria)

The laser machine "KASKAD" satisfies to all requirements of an ecology and industrial sanitation. Fields of application of laser cutting of the machine "KASKAD":

  • Shipbuilding;
  • Motor industry;
  • Aircraft manufacturing;
  • Electrical industry;
  • Light industry;
  • Food engineering;
  • Heavy engineering;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Woodworking;
  • Construction;
  • Space.

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